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Say goodbye to slow and manual estimating and invoicing

We provide a paperless and automated workflow that allows you to operate quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

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Our Estimate Engine is intuitive, simple to use, and speeds up the process of producing a quality estimate for any customer.

Through a simple yet powerful workflow that allows you to customize inventory items and build your own templates, you can produce estimates with the peace of mind that you’re charging the right amount to your customers.

Customize your material list
Create material lists that you can attribute to specific inventory items within a project. This tells the estimator how many gallons of paint to estimate for a specific project
Set your markup percentage
Choose how much the estimator will mark up the costs of your labor and material to charge the customer just the right amount
Download and Send
Download a PDF file of the proposal and send it directly to the customer through your business email

Payment Portal to directly receive payments from your customers

Instead of keeping track of invoices with different splits and due dates, send your customer a simple payment portal where they can enter the agreed payment amount, and make a secure payment in minutes

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