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Starting a business is difficult, but it's much easier with a partner by your side. Get the tools and guidance you need to start, run, and grow your company with Hoist.

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1. Start your business quickly.

Hoist offers expert training, creates your branding, and registers your business. The result? You're up and running within a month. Even if you don't have previous painting experience.

2. Run your business efficiently.

No more wasting time while keeping track of your projects. Hoist's customer relationship management system keeps you organized and running smoothly.

3. Grow your business profitably.

Hoist pairs you with an expert business coach to help reach your growth goals. Plus, we manage your online presence and integrate your performance data all in one place.

"The support system at Hoist is a bit like having your own personal coaching staff and your family all in one team."

Hiapo McCandless
HMK Painting
$100k in revenue in three months
129 qualified leads received in the first six months

"I never thought running my own business was possible until I found Hoist."

Nick La Forest
Susquehanna Painting
$194k in revenue in three months
365 qualified leads received last year

Hi 👋,

John here, CEO of Hoist.

We’ve always been a nation of founders, self starters, and proud small business owners. People who don’t look at life as it is, but as what it could be.

It’s no wonder why the American dream has become such a core principle of our identity.

But in recent years, the rug was pulled out from underneath us.

Not enough of us are financially independent. Not enough of us wake up in the morning excited for our day. And not enough of us get the work-life balance we deserve.

That’s because entrepreneurship is tough. One could even argue that succeeding as an entrepreneur has never been harder. I know this first hand too. I started my first business at 13 and haven’t stopped since.

The fact is, the world is changing faster than it ever has before. The playbook is being rewritten day by day. It’s no wonder why half of businesses fail within their first few years.

As a result, Silicon Valley startups and conglomerates proudly gave us the “gig economy.” This revolutionary model promised that anyone could be their own boss. All you needed was an app.

Newsflash: It’s junk. The gig economy made the startups rich and workers paid the price.

Add it all up, and over time, business ownership became a journey for the select few. The rest of us? We became employees. Desk jockeys and gig workers. People who do what we’re told.

All this because of a vast divide between the tools small businesses have and what they need to succeed.

We’ve changed that.

With Hoist, you can navigate this ever-evolving world. In fact, you can thrive in it.

We know the American dream is within reach. We'll help you grasp yours.

John Jacob

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